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We Are true geeks – been online since 1999

Website Coding

We have been building websites since 1999.
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Other Services

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Presently In Beta Stage
Plans to release by:
End October 2019.
Making Windows Beter.
Portable Software.
Portable Desktop Suite.
Take Your PC anywhere
In Your Pocket

Our Portfolio

The Keyboard is mightier than the pen… Portfolio Content to be added soon


Crossfire Logo

Designed Logo for Crossfire
Security Services in 2003.



Recent Site created for:
Corporate Client
we aim to do a lot of work for.


Remote Graphic

A PlebMachine Component
Version 7.0 This Is Final Version.



Alarm Sound

As special Alarm Sound
Also Developed For PlebMachine.


Digital eBook

GreenGeeks and WordPress.


Discipleship eBook

In-House Creation for PlebChurch
Christian Discipleship.


Promo Video

Also for In-House Use
Promoting PlebMachine™


Clock Meter

Our Rainmeter Programming.

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We have been on this server since 2011, and have been online since 1999…
We are a Christian Media Crew, not afraid to put in the hours.
We love the attention to detail and believe the client is always right.

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Our Team

The best two man team on the internet – united for your success

Otto Brinkmeier


Designer / Developer

Jullian de Villiers


Audio Producer

Otto Brinkmeier



Jullian de Villiers


Co – Founder